Database Migration Products and Services

Albatross offers free and paid migration tools, as well as schema migration services.

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Free database migration tools

Seamless migration

Our free database migration tools can move all of the data in your SQL Server or Oracle database to PostgreSQL with just a few clicks.

We also offer paid versions that reduce load on your production systems and reduce down time by pulling the initial load from a snapshot, then replicating data changes in real time.

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Albatross migration software showing connection information for two databases
High Transfer Speed

Albatross is built on SQLpipe. We are not aware of any faster data transfer technology.

Minimal Downtime

Albatross minimizes downtime to the time it takes to cut over your applications.

Automatic Catchup

Albatross asynchronously replicates data from your source database to the target.


Database Migration Services

Database migrations are all we do. We are highly technical and can assist you in every step of a migration project.

We also appreciate that these initiatives are frequently driven by financial forces. Because of this, we design our products, service packages, and pricing to save you money in the first year of a migration project.

Below are the savings amounts we target when quoting projects.

Savings year 1
Savings year 2
Savings forecast

Frequently Asked Questions

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